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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Here is one of the houses that Stephen has worked on. In fact, it is our house that we built to sell. Pretty isn't it?! And big too.

Kaylie was a purple fairy. She loved her costume. I told her if she cleaned her room she could wear it all day. So she did. We went to Target, school, and all over. It was a fun day, and all my girls looked pretty good!

Jessie was a lot easier. She was a Rock Star. WE had fun with this one. Spiked the hair a little bit, added some blue streaks, and green spray, and voila!! Rock Diva. She really looked the part, complete with attitude!

We got creative with costumes this year. Cammi finally decided two days before Halloween what she was going to be. Final decision.... A Gypsy. I think we did pretty good with it. Plus she got to wear moms boots that she has been dying to wear!

Ok, So Chris called me and said she bought me a Halloween costume. Pretty good I think. It was fun to wear all day long!

Kaylie was getting ready for Halloween a few days early, She came in the office and asked me, "how do you like my costume mom?" Pretty original I think!