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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yea!!!! Tomorrow is the day. WE have our tickets, all we need is a nap and a bucket of popcorn!! Can't wait to go out with my friends in our jammies and watch what is sure to be the big movie of the holiday season!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Melissa tagged me so here goes.
7 random things about me.

1. I love to watch Baseball. I bleed Dodger Blue. I have watched the dodgers since I was a little girl, first at grandmas house then with my mom. When I was little I wanted to be the first woman to play for the Dodgers. Obviously that didn't work out, but I still play softball. I watch football with Stephen but I can't follow basketball.

2. I have two jobs. I am a mortgage loan officer, but I can't seem to get any loans, boo hoo. So I work part time for JetBlue airways, and I love it. I love the perks, but I hardly get to use them. So sad, I work for an airline but I never get to go anywhere. Been there a year and I've only been to burbank long beach and San Diego. sad sad sad!

3. I love comedy's. I love to laugh. Funny movies, and funny tv, I am there.

4. I am a big cryer with movies and tv. Something could be pointless, and somewhat sad, and I am blubbering. I was tearing up with the season premier of ER.

5. I love the Holidays!!!! I love the sounds, smells, and sights of Christmas. I look forward to baking for my friends, and spending time with family. Especially Tamale day. I love to decorate, and enjoy the reason for the season.

6. I get cold really easy. Ever since I lost all my weight I freeze. My hands, feet, nose, and top of my thighs. I have to bundle up come winter and don't unravel until May! I take a lot of HOT baths during the winter up here.

7. My biggest fear is losing my family. I worry about losing Jessie to outside forces, I can only hope and pray that I have taught her enough to be strong. I worry about Cammi being to nice and being taken advantage of. and I worry about Kaylie a young girl in a big girl body. I worry that they will have to go through some of the things I did when I was growing up, like the teenage years, mean people, and feeling like an outcast.

I tag Jill, Lisa, Cammie, and Brooke.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Haunted Hallows! Skeleton Bride!

Carving Pumpkins. eeeeuuuwww! Gross!

Getting ready for Halloween.
You can't really tell from the picture but we had cobwebs draped acrossed the entire entryway, with a smoking skull, and my skeleton bride. I am thoroughly enjoying getting into Halloween now!

Jessie went as a football player this year. She did pretty good too!

Cammi didn't decide until a few hours before trick or treating what she was going to be. So we opted to use her dress from Aly's wedding and go as the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio.

Kaylie has been telling me since last year that she wanted to be a Vampire. She never waivered. So nana made her this awesome vampire cape complete with bow tie and cumber bund. She was so excited to dress up and play the part.

I had to add this picture in! Barbara goes all out for Halloween. Last year she dressed up as Sally from Nightmare before Christmas, and it was awesome! It took me a few minuted before I even recognized her. This year she was classic!!! Quite literally! I love that she goes all out. She even made bloodshot eyeballs for our pre trick or treating party. We had so much fun!!!