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Saturday, June 21, 2008

On Friday Kaylie's class got to go to the zoo. I had the "pleasure" of riding the bus with my group of kids. Going there was ok but the way back was rough. Most of the kids were yelling and screaming, and hte two dads in front of me seemed to be back in high school, they were yelling out the window to cars and playing stupid games. It was almost comical. Anyways the zoo was fun but rushed, we only had 2 hours from the time we got there until we had to leave so we were rushed to get it all in with lunch too. Here are some fun pictures that we took. The guy was the dad of one of the little girlsin our group. He was a big kid himself.

I got an early birthday present this week. a new camera. It's a nice one too. I was outside playing with it the other night after it cooled down, (jealous Missy?) Anyways. Kaylie was drawing with the sidewalk chalk and traced herself. She drew the dress she was wearing too complete with flowers. It was way cute the way she did it, so here is her masterpiece.

Friday, June 20, 2008

it's been a few weeks since my last post. It has been crazy busy, and we are finally starting to slow down a bit. Girls softball is finally over. Jessie tried out for allstars but didn't make it becazuse the coach only looked at that day and not the whole season, and she was a little off that day. So needless to say she was devastated and thinks she's no good and had a bad season because of the way things went. I told the coach that he missed out because he missed two girls off of my team that were two of the best in our age group, who didn't have the best tryout, but oh well, what can you do. On to next year. Kaylie finished t ball and had a blast. She is so proud of the fact that she got a trophy for her team, (all the girls get a trophy). She shows it off to everyone. Now she is bouncing between softball or soccer for next year. Oh my heavens! Cammi tried out for and made it to the competitive league for soccer. It's not an allstar team just a more competative league. They had three teams and her with two of her team mates made it to the third team. So we aren't quite done with soccer yet. They practice three times a week with July off then back again in August. Steve and I are still playing adult coed softball and having fun. This week we had to play a double header, one was a make up game, and we were the only team playing back to back. I would not reccomend back to back in 90*+ weather. It was miserable and were drained. And we lost both games. a few of our players were on vacation so we were scrambling to pull a team together so we wouldn't forfeit. What a week! More later when I have new pictures to share!