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Thursday, May 29, 2008

We had a game today. It's a team we already played and lost to terribly. It is coached by the league presidents husband, and surprize they have three VERY good pitchers. That's not my gripe though. It turned out to be an ok game, and yes we lost. Here's the problem. I had a very angry parent get in my face during the game. So lets start at the beginning. Her daughter is a very nice girl but very passive when it comes to softball. I try to talk to her and get her involved, but all she ever givews is one word answers. Well the girl fell at school a month ago and chipped a bone in her finger, so she was out for about 3 to 4 weeks. I have no problem with that, In fact I asked the mom if she could still come to practices and games to cheer on and support the team since she in a part of the team. I e mailed constantly as I do with the rest of the team, but no communication back. Well she came back to practice yesterday, to which I was excited to have her back, tried to talk to her, and asked if she was feeling ok, and all, got the same one word answers. Here's where it gets hard. WE have twelve girls and ten positions. So I always have to have some girls sub out. Every one has had to sub, and we haven't had any problems with it. Knowing that this was a big game, and that she was at practice the day before I went ahead and started the girl in right field. Now the girl is very nice, but she could not catch a single ball thatwe threw to her yesterday or today. I had two girls sub out the first inning, and two girls sub out second inning. She was one of the girls out second inning. Well the mom was livid, and verbally went after me in the dug out in the middle of the inning, saying that there are eleven other girls that should have been pulled out to sub before her daughter, It wasn't her fault that she was hurt, and that she didn't pay money to have her be be put out in right field the whole season and be taken out in this game. I calmly explained that there were eleven other girls that have been subbing out the whole time she was gone too, and that I wanted her to take it easy since she just came back. Mom got mad and told me that is why they waited a week before coming back,so she could take it easy. Now mom did not communicate this to me before now. So in order to get back to the game in which I was coaching, I told her to go ahead and take it up with the league president. she did, and the league pres pretty much backed me up. Funny thing though is that this mom started throwing out the whole sponsorship thing, ( her husband sponsored the team for the league). I knew this was going to happen when I was puting hte line up together, but what could I do. I have everyone else who has been to the practices, and games, and has worked hard. So I ask, what would you do? I felt that I was fair in starting her since she has not been able to come to practice before yesterday. Even the pres, said don't worry, you can't please everyone.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Woo Hoo!!! As it ended up our team did play ball last night. I was really hoping we would be rained out because it was cold and wet, but no such luck. By the time we got to the field it was actually not too bad. We were home team, which is always good. I put Jessie in to pitch the first inning, and she did ok;. We got an out, and they scored 5 runs. I did have to pull her at the end of the inning though because she was just loosing it. So they scored 5 runs and we got 3 outs. Then we got up to bat. I don't know what we did or what was said, but they turned the bats on!!! We scored 7 runs with only 1 out. They only allow 7 runs per inning to prevent a complete blowout. Our smallest girl hit a monster double, a perfect hit over the left centerfielders head. And Jessie hit a solid single over the right fielders head. It could have been a double but it was on the wrong side of the field. Then we brought in our starting pitcher, and she struck out the first 2 batters, walked two and then struck out the last person. No runs scored!!! That is huge for us! We then came back and scored 7 more runs, and won the game 14 to 5. Jessie just happened to be the winning run to come acrossed the plate. I tell you, that girl is not afraid to steal and definitely not afraid to slide. I had a parent from the other team comment on her hit, and one of our parents commented on how she is one of the bedt players she has seen. Makes me proud!!! I think this will be her best year yet to try to make allstars.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ok, so I am a little upset with Mother Nature again! Here it is May 22, and it's snowing in the mountains. I mean come on! Tuesday is was 93*, beautiful with a breeze, then yesterday it drops to 54* with rain and cold winds. We went straight form winter to Summer and back again, no spring for us this year. I know I am in Utah amd the weather can change on a dime, but I was not expecting snow at the end of May! I am so ready for Summer to come and stay! I want to play softball and not be wearing three layers of clothes to keep from freezing. I want to coach my last few softball games and not be wearing three layers to keep from freezing! I'm cold!!!

On a lighter note my softball team came from behind on Saturday to win our game 10 to 9. It was an awesome game, that went perfect!! We took a 5 gallon jug of ice water because it wasa going to be hot, and we wanted the girls to keep hydrated. After the game some of the girls wanted to pour it over Steve since he is in class weeknights now and will miss the rest of the season. I figured since I had to drive home with him, maybe it wasn't a good idea, BUT... They could throw a couple of cups of water on him if they wanted to. So we took our team picture, then they attacked. We have some jokesters on our team, and they took charge. It really was fun. I am kind of sad that our season is almost over, I have actually enjoyed coaching this year. Hopefully the girls feel like they've learned something from me.

Now Cammi is still playing Soccer. She plays half the season in the fall then finishes it out in the spring. She has had a goal to kick the most goals this spring. See the coach told the girls that he would take the highest goal scorer out for ice cream. So she put her mind to it. She loves playing forward, and she has an awesome boot. So far with one game left this spring she has scored 6 goals. Impressive. She scored 3 goals in one game. It has been a lot of fun, they pick teams by neighborhood and schools, so she gets to play with two girls from our ward, and most from school. It's been a lot of fun, especially since it's warmed up a little on the weekends.