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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ok, so I oculdn't get the slide show to work onhere, so I am posting the link, so people can see pictures of Kaylie's baptism. Enjoy!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, so much for keeping up with the blog....... It has been a very busy couple of months around here. With work we have switched to a new system, so I have been traingin, refreshing, and working to do my part during cutover. All in all, It is a very different system, but I think it will benefit jetblue inthe log run. We made it through Christmas, and Kaylie's birthday, cutover, me working and doing mandatory overtime, and Kaylies baptism, so now we can relax and concentrate on the baby. I am now 37 1/2 weeks along, so we should have a baby in the next 2 weeks. But in the mean time I will try to fill ou in onthe last few months. In decembe Jessie and Cammi had the opportunity to go to Hawaii with my parents, what a fun and interesting experience for them. They took lots of pictures, and had lotsof fresh fruit and shaved ice. Cammi still talks about the Rambutans and Mangoes, and the yummy shave ice. Now she wants to go to BYU hawaii and work at the PCC. We'll see since she has some weird attachment to mom. It would be fun for her though. Jessie really enjoyed being out in the sun and at the beach. She has always loved being inthe sun. She collected lots of small shells and put together little bags with the footprnts poem for her friends and family. It was a really genuine and sweet thing to do. Her least favorite thing about Hawaii... getting chased by the chickens and roosters.

Christmas was an adventure. We had a little fun at the girls expense this year. WE knew what the girls wanted and messed with their heads a little. For starters Kaylie, was so disappointed when she unwrapped her pakage of light bulbs, Sobbing she said " I don't even know how to change alight bulb!!!" A few presents later she opened her easy bake oven, which was the reason for the light bulbs, She was VERY happy from that point on, but it was a clasic reaction. Cammi was jealous because I got a new phone, not any phone, but the one that she wanted. We have it all on tape too! Jessie, really wanted new converse shoes, so she was very excited and a little confused when she opened one box and found one shoe. I told her maybe Santa felt she needed to work on a few things and maybe she would get the other one for her birthday. Needless to say, she didn't have to wait that long. By the end of themorning, everyone was happy with their "loot". until dad found a few forgotten packages at the back of the tree. Jessie and Cmmi tore into them only to find them wrapped a few times, and again with tape. It was so funny watching them try to get through all the layers to find their prizes, a new upgrade for their phones.
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Kaylie turned 8 in January, unfortunately, at this point, (mid march) we are still trying to find time for her birthday party, I know, I am a bad mom, but like I said things have been crazy. We travled down to St George at the beginning of February for Dakens Baptism and Kellans baby blesisng. It was so nice to see them and to spend the weekend with family. Aly rode down with us, so we made it a girls road trip, since both me had to work. WE had a bunch of fun!
Fast forward to the beginning of March, Kaylie got Bapised. It was a very nice uneventful weekend with mom and dad able to come up and our family joining us for a fun day. Kaylie asked her dad to baptize and confirm her, which he did proudly. Nana made her baptism dress, and it fit her perfectly. She looked so happy in her beautiful white dress, and was glowing. Like I said now we can relax and get ready for the baby. I know this is a long post, so I will finish up by adding some pictures. We love you all, and hope that we can get better at posting to our blog.

Love, the Millers!